How can you effectively and efficiently drive interest and revenue for your business online? More importantly, what’s the best modern way to drive revenue and increase growth for your business overall?

As online shopping, mobile-browsing, and online-first business practices continue to explode, search engines are the new normal for businesses across the world. A huuuuge portion of internet traffic happens in search engines, meaning that having an edge there is crucial for revenue growth. SEO is one of the biggest, most successful forms of marketing there is – since search engines account for more than half of all online site traffic, and a huge portion of eCommerce revenue. It’s crucial to catching shoppers along the conversion-funnel in order to get more customers, faster, and more easily.

So here’s why you need an SEO agency now! And why SEO is so important for online business growth for the foreseeable future.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Search traffic is one of the biggest traffic driving channels in the world. And SEO is the only way to effectively capture it.

Data compiled by BrightEdge shows that search engine traffic makes up 51% of all online user flow. Google alone gets 5.6 billion searches per day. Plus, search engine traffic ends up accounting for more than 40% of revenue online – nearly half! In fact organic traffic is so important that 44% of companies now make SEO a part of their marketing strategy – and many of those same brands will tell you it offers the best ROI out of any digital marketing strategy there is. A Search Engine Journal poll found that up to 48% of brands say SEO gives them the best overall ROI (that’s more than email marketing, paid ads, or social media)!

Other polling claims that at least 32% of marketers say that out of all their strategies, SEO offers the highest return on investment. In fact it’s cost-to-revenue ratio is one of the top benefits of SEO for business! For example, lead-generation via cold-calling can cost as much as 61% more than SEO!

Additionally, the top 3 spots in a Google results page account for 75% of all clicks. On mobile, the #1 spot gets as much as 27%. And as much as 3-in-4 people never even visit the #2 page of Google search results!

This is why you need an SEO agency now! To take full advantage of your eCommerce presence and the raw numbers that are exploding in internet commerce.