Social Media Marketing

Maintain a high quality social media presence

Dedicating time every day to social media is extremely difficult when you are trying to grow your business. Hand the reigns over to us and we will post quality content on your Facebook and Twitter account EACH and EVERY day. You will never have to worry about finding content to share again

Daily curated content, posted 7 days a week to Facebook and Twitter

Unique content specific to your business and interesting to your followers​

​​​​A content strategy designed to boost social engagement

​​UK-based content writers

​A Strong Content Mix Of Articles, Images, And Videos

​Weekly promotion of your business’ products or services

​Great Customer Support

Graphical Images Created As Part Of The Package

Why do I need social media?

Social media has become very important for small businesses but many business owners find it very hard work to keep a consistent schedule of posts or simply have no idea what to post. This can cause resentment of social media. But this is an absolute sin! Here are some reasons why you need social media and how social media can be used to boost business.

  • It raises brand awareness
  • Daily posts mean you’ll be seen more. It legitimises your business and provides authority
  • Potential customers often weigh up brands based on their social media presence. A lack of posts gives the impression your business is defunct. Daily posts will reassure them. ​ It connects you with your customers
  • Curated content allows customers to interact. ​ It keeps you competitive
  • Your competitors might already be active on social media. It is essential to match them or do better. For just £50 per month you will blow your competition out of the water.​ ​In the long run, it will help drive sales
  • ​A quality content-led social media strategy takes time but the longer your business is active on social media, the more it will help business.
It’s designed to be a very affordable means of managing social media for small businesses by providing high quality daily content updates on their social media pages.


Social Media FAQ'S

1Who will post to my social media pages?
We use fully-trained social media and content specialists to source content and post to your social media profiles. They spend hours searching the web for top quality content and make sure it the content posted on your social media pages are highly relative and interesting to your followers. Their goal is to engage with your audience in the same way you would if you had the time. Everyone responsible for social media and content is UK-based, in order for us to maintain our high standards.
2How do you know what content to post for my business?
We get to know you. After signing up we will reach out to you to talk about your business and the aims you have for the future. We will make sure to learn your business inside out. We will also carry out extensive research on your competitors and analyse your target audience and industry. All this will ensure that we post content that your followers are interested in, with the aim of boosting customer engagement. Our content specialists know what works on social media and what doesn’t and they will use their expertise to help your business.
3How can it only cost £50?​​
​How can we post everyday on both Facebook and Twitter for just £50 per month while maintaining high quality content? Our business model is based around high volume. Having lots of customers makes this model viable, as our content specialists can handle multiple clients per day. Please help us out by recommending our affordable social media management services to other small business owners – we’ll soon be launching an affiliate scheme.
4Is there a contract?
​No! You can cancel whenever you like. Payment is taken on a rolling monthly basis.
5Do you offer social media management on other platforms?
While our core focus is Facebook and Twitter management, we offer LinkedIn and Instagram too. Please get in contact if you are interested in adding either to your package and we will sort that out for you.
6Can I make content requests?
Absolutely! If you want something in particular to appear on your social media feeds, then get in contact with us and we’ll pass your requests on to the content specialist in charge of your social media accounts.
7Can I still post to my social media profiles?
Of course! They’re still yours after all. You can be involved in running social media as much or as little as you like.